Students will find that TenWest Language School is strategically located in a convenient area within the city. The school adjoins a shopping center, Carnival Mall, where there are a variety of businesses to find any desired goods. On the first floor of this mall is a Starbucks, and there are many restaurants in the same vicinity. Steps away from the school you will find a KFC, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut as well as countless Chinese, Korean and Thai food restaurants and fast food stands. The metro station is a short walk away and there are more than ten buses that stop in front of TenWest. Across the street from the school is a large fruit and vegetable market and nearby you can also find a movie theater, as well as a wide selection of gyms and hotels. With its central location near all of these services, students will study in a safe area where they can comfortably begin to explore Kunming.


Rent an Apartment

If you are enrolling as a long term student, we suggest renting an apartment. There are many apartments for rent near TenWest, which will make it convenient for you as you start out in China. If it is your first time in Kunming, TenWest will gladly help you to book a hotel near the school. Additionally, during the first week of school, our friendly English speaking staff will assist you in finding an agent who can help you locate an apartment that meets all of your needs. Rents can vary, depending on the location and whether they are furnished or unfurnished. In 2020, rent for a three bed room apartment ranges from 2000-3000 RMB/month. The price range for a two bed room apartment is 1500-2500 RMB/month. For a one bedroom apartment, the price range is 1200-2000 RMB/month. All apartments include a kitchen and bathroom.

Hotel/ Guesthouse

For short term students, we suggest staying in a hotel or guest house. Kunming has many budget hotels that are easy to find. The price for a standard room in a budget hotel is around $36 USD/day. If you need any help booking a hotel near TenWest, please contact us and we will be glad to help..

Host Family

If you would like to stay with a local Chinese host family, either for a short or long term, please contact us at least two months before you plan to arrive to begin classes at TenWest. We will need to know your preferences and hopes for your host family so be sure to include information about what you would like. We will try our best to match a host family for you. Usually for a short term student to stay with a host family it is around $35 USD/day which includes two meals. Of course, the price can be reduced if you prefer to not include meals, this figure is for your reference. For long term students (more than three months) the average price for a homestay is $450 USD/month. It is also possible to find a family willing to host for free, especially if you are an English native speaker and are willing to teach some English to your host family members in exchange.


If you prefer to not cook in your apartment, or eat with your host family, there are many restaurants near TenWest. You really just need to begin walking in order to stumble upon many food options, and of course, our staff is happy to help you find specific foods that you may be in search of. The price to eat out at a restaurant varies, but the average cost for one meal will be around $7 USD.

Airport Pick-up Services

TenWest provides Kunming airport pick-up service for first time students who are enrolled to study at TenWest. If you are a first time student, and would like to utilize this service, please email us your flight information at least one week before your arrival date.