COVID-19: School Closed but Learning Continues

Regardless of where you live in the world, you’ll have heard about the serious coronavirus epidemic here in China. In Kunming, although we are about 1500 kilometers from the epicenter in Wuhan, we too have been affected. As of today, there are 48 confirmed cases in the city, with 8 of those having already recovered.

Like everyone else in Kunming, we are doing our part to help control the spread of this serious illness. Our physical school is closed until further notice, and our teachers and students try to minimize their time out in public places, but that doesn’t mean Chinese lessons have stopped. Using video conference technology, our students are continuing to study Chinese from the safety of their own homes. Teachers are also able to stay home, while still guiding and teaching students.

As the situation improves, we look forward to opening the school building again, but in the meantime, learning continues!

If you have been thinking of studying Chinese, you don’t need to wait for this epidemic to end. We can provide on-line lessons for you today, wherever you are in the world. Contact us to arrange a free introductory lesson.

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