Covid-19 Staying Safe!









We hope that wherever you are, you are staying healthy and following the measures your country recommends to ‘flatten the curve’ of the pandemic.

Here in Kunming, our physical school has been closed since late January, but teachers continue to teach. We continue to provide online Chinese lessons for students. Language learning continues, with teachers and students each in the safety of their own homes.

Recently our staff met with epidemic control officers to learn about prevention procedures. These procedures will apply to our school when we re-open. Although we don’t have opening date yet, we want to be ready. We look forward to holding classes at the school again for those students who are still in Kunming.

Our teachers are all healthy. Our city has only a handful of active confirmed cases of Covid-19. Recent cases have all been people who returning to China from other, affected countries. We know that because travel restrictions are in place all over the world, students currently not in Kunming will not be returning for a while. Our teachers will continue to teach online Chinese lessons throughout this period for those students.

If you have been thinking about coming to China to study Chinese, but your travel plans are on hold due to the pandemic, we understand. We are all in this together, and doing what we can to stay healthy! But if you find yourself sheltering or shielding at home with time on your hands, why not get a head start with online lessons? You can book a free introductory lesson by contacting us today!

Our teachers use different online platforms for lessons, depending on the preferences of our students. Lessons are currently being conducted on Zoom, Skype or Wechat.

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