Camping Trip - May 25th

We are planning a camping activity on May 25th at Qing Long Xia (青龙峡). About one and a half hour drive to North-west of Kunming. We will leave Tenwest at 1:30pm on May 25th Satuarday, and come back to kunming on May 26th around 3:30pm. We will cook a dinner, beakfest and Lunch by our self in there. I will also sleep in a tent. The cost of camping and the food we cook by our self is around 50 RMB/person. If we need to rent a van to go there,
the transportation cost will be around 100RMB/Person for a round trip.


Near the camping place, There is a park, You can hiking and go through the glass bridge. The ticket for the park is 40 RMB, the glass bridge is 50 RMB. The kids shorter than 1.2 m only need to pay half price.


If you do not have camping equipment, You can rent a tent and two sleeping bags . The price is 80 RMB/day. If you do not want to live in a tent. They have guest rooms, and tree house avialbe. One guest room with two single beds is 80 RMB/day. A room in the tree houses is 198 RMB/day.

如果你没有露营装备,你可以在营地租用帐篷和睡袋,费用是一套80元。 如果你不愿意睡帐篷,你也可以住客栈,标间80元,可住两人。还有带洗澡间的树屋198元一间。

Why we choose in May to do our camping activity? Because the weather is get worm, and the raining season is not coming yet.


Please aware of the safety issue for this camping activity, We will try our best to provide a safe activity, but we can’t take responsible for any accident. You are responsible for your safety.


Anyone want to join this camping activity, please sign up with Mr. Yang, and pay 50 RMB/person. The rest of other fee you can pay on May 25th. The deadline for registration is on May 20th.


Contact information
Cell: 13759190098