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A Language School

TENWEST is a private language immersion school that provides Mandarin Chinese Education for international students. Founded in 2006, TENWEST has quickly become one of the most trusted and exceptional schools of it’s kind in Yunnan Province. It is one of very few private schools in Kunming licensed to teach Chinese as a second language to international students. Through years of outstanding performance, TENWEST has earned students’ and parents’ trust and support, and also received many awards from the local government.

Courses We Offer

Basic Mandarin

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses including vocabulary, grammar, syntax, pinyin, Chinese characters, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Business Mandarin

Basic business course covering Chinese business practice and etiquette, communication and negotiation skills, business case analysis and business related visits.

Ancient Chinese Language

Ancient Chinese appreciation course including traditional Chinese vocabulary and character recognition, analysis and appreciation of Chinese poetry, renowned novels and authors.

Chinese Culture

Specialty course covering all aspects of Chinese culture including history, education, medicine, politics, religion, arts, geography, etiquette, traditions and minority cultures.

Cultural Arts

Unique course covering Chinese painting, calligraphy, tea culture, martial arts, minority music and dance, handcrafts and cuisine.

HSK Test Preparation Courses

To help evaluate the Chinese proficiency levels of non-native Chinese speakers across the world, Hanban created the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) test.

Study Chinese at TenWest

With over a billion speakers, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world today. Standard Mandarin Chinese, also called PUTONGHUA is the national language of China and widely understood, but there are scores of ethnic, regional and city dialects spoken with regularity.

What Say Our Students

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Why Choose TenWest


We will work closely with you to help you design a course of study, arrange a schedule, and determine a class size that will work best to suit your individual needs.


We have a vibrant staff of experienced, personable and patient teachers dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals.


From student visas and scholarships to airport pick-ups and housing, we will do everything possible to make your transition to life in Kunming a smooth one.


Kunming has all of the benefits of a modern city plus ideal weather, friendly people, clear skies, a laid back lifestyle and a low cost of living.

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